Peace Officer Project is a multifaceted, multipronged approach to changing the culture of policing by changing the approach of police, and includes the Peace Officer Promise, Peace Officer Training and the Peace Officer Framework.

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Peace Officer Promise is for all of the nation’s 18,000 police and sheriff’s departments.  It is a renewal of vows which agencies may take, witnessed by their communities and a fundamental statement about what it means to be PEACE OFFICERS.

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Peace Officer:  Realizing the True Purpose of Policing delivers training for police agencies, cities and community groups with modules for police leaders, police officers, elected officials and community members delivered via an easy to navigate virtual platform.

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Giant Cop in Times Square

COPS Office Dispatch The Peace Officer Promise Takes Manhattan this Summer. Visitors to Times Square this summer may be surprised to see a giant cop looking down on them. It is

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Peace Officer Around the United States

Peace Officer States
Appear in Blue

The state penal code uses only the term Peace Officer when referring to police officers.

Other States
Appear in Gray

The State penal code does not refer to Peace Officer

Peace Officer

Usually means a law enforcement role which includes a badge, has the power to arrest, and also carries a service weapon.

Survey of US Penal Codes

According to research of the 50 states’ and District of Columbia penal codes, 71% of states use only the term Peace Officer when referring to police officers. and nearly 80% of states use the term in some law enforcement context.

Around the U.S. the term “Peace Officer” is primarily used to refer to police in state penal codes.

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