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About Peace Officer Agency Certification  

Peace Officer Agency Certification recognizes agencies that have completed the requirements of the Peace Officer: Realizing the True Purpose of Policing training.  The purpose of the Peace Officer Agency Certification process is three-fold: First, it provides the framework for creating a national coherence about the Peace Officer model; Second, it provides a practical, easy-to-follow blueprint for leading the Peace Officer organizational culture change; and, third, it provides policing leaders with a highly participative process by which organizational members, and the community they are paid to protect, can find the “true purpose” of policing in their community. This model creates community-led policing that works for both cops and the people they serve and protect.

How do we complete the Certification process?

Contained in the online training platform you will see a category of courses called Accreditations and Certifications.  The Peace Officer Certification is found there.  When you  begin the process, you will find numerous checklists which comprise the Certification.  These checklists are intended to be used sequentially. Beginning with the personal commitment of the agency’s leader, each step is intended to build on the actions and results of the preceding step. Clearly, there will be instances where local circumstances dictate the sequence cannot be followed or perhaps a step not taken. This is where the wisdom and experience of the agency’s leadership come into play and strategic decisions made to further the project’s progress.

Does my agency have to make the Peace Officer Promise to become certified?

It is highly recommended that agencies make the Peace Officer Promise to the communities they serve. However, it is not a requirement for Peace Officer Certification.

When does my agency certification expire?

Agency certifications are good for a two-year period.   Agencies are invited to go through the certification process again after each two-year period.

How do I get my agency certification award plaque?

Once you finish the agency certification process, you will see the certification plaque contact form and enter your agency name and the date of completion.  We will mail you your plaque within two weeks of completing this form to the address you specify.

Will there be other certifications?

Yes, we will be announcing other certifications and accreditations soon, such as the IADLEST course certification.  We will email you to announce each new certification. 

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