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While we strive to make course licenses as affordable as possible, sometimes any amount beyond the current budget is a barrier.  Below we have identified potential funding resources which can be tapped by you and your agency for Peace Officer online training courses.  


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The Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center (BJA NTTAC) provides no-cost training and technical assistance (TTA) on a wide-variety of policing to improve the knowledge and skills of criminal justice professionals. NTTAC does this by assessing an agency’s request for TTA services and then matching that request for TTA services to the NTTAC-approved provider to address those needs. Police2Peace is an approved NTTAC provider meaning that BJA is a potential funding stream for course license purchases which is available to you now.  To begin your request for Peace Officer course licenses in the form of TTA services from BJA NTTAC provided by Police2Peace, click here:



Each fiscal year, the COPS Office awards Community Policing Development (CPD) Microgrants Program funds which are used to develop law enforcement’s capacity to implement community policing strategies by providing funding to policing agencies. It does this to promote community policing; build trust and relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve; and enable an agency to build a culture toward accountability, transparency, open communication, and mutual trust.   To learn more about how Police2Peace can assist your agency in applying for a microgrant for Peace Officer training, click here: 

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