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Empower Your Agency’s Succession Readiness with Professional Police Leader Coaching

Who Benefits and Why

Currently serving police leaders, and city and county managers benefit from this program.  By providing professional police chief coaching to executive leaders, and their up-and-coming officers, public safety is enhanced.  Through refinements in leadership, improved decision-making, and fostering community trust, professional coaching by experienced police leaders ensures alignment with evolving stakeholder expectations, culture, laws and policies.  The introduction of seasoned coaches can also help address community needs, reduce incidents of misconduct and enhance public safety. Coaching can also help navigate complex challenges like de-escalation, cultural sensitivity,  and fair and just policing practices. Ultimately, coaching by experienced police leaders cultivates a culture of accountability, professionalism, and continuous improvement within law enforcement agencies, benefiting all stakeholders they serve.

How This Program Works

Our process begins with an initial discussion between coaches, police leaders and their city and county managers to understand your needs.  By listening carefully during our first conversation, we will recommend two coaches, hand selected to meet your needs on our second call.  We will send a proposal with the biographies of recommended coaches for your review.  Next we arrange calls between the police leader being coached and the recommended coaches. On these brief calls, the leader and each coach will get to know one another and determine if there’s a good fit. Leaders should find these calls positive and productive. Our ambition is that leaders gain clarity in their needs and preferences, are enthusiastic to begin coaching, and are confident in their coach selection.  Once that is done, an agreement is proposed and finalized for between three and six months.  Multiple police leaders can be coached together, separately, and at the same time.

Our Story

Police2Peace is a national nonprofit organization which is bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve by implementing positive changes in policing practices. Through transformational programs designed to bring about agency culture change for police and sheriffs using the framework of police officers as “peace officers,” Police2Peace fosters trust, understanding, and cooperation between police officers and community members through multiple, innovative initiatives.  

Marshall Goldsmith is a world-renowned CEO coach and catalyst for leadership excellence who has been guiding top executives to peak performance and organizational success for the last 40 years.  

Established in 1987, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is the culmination of decades of research and development with more than 250,000 individuals from the world’s top organizations.  Stakeholder Centered Coaching focuses on changing leader behavior by getting feedback from those they work with (stakeholders) and uses this feedback to set goals, track progress, and ensure positive change for both the leader and their team.  

Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Agency is a curated group of the world’s most experienced coaches and advisors dedicated to finding solutions to business challenges.  Together, these organizations are emerging as a pivotal resource in succession planning for police departments. 

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