Brenda Munoz

Brenda Munoz graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Long Beach in 2009. Fascinated by the English language Brenda majored in English literature with an emphasis in education. Her field work consisted of grading assignments, tutoring, etc. However, teaching was not enough and so Brenda began looking for a different field.  After graduation, Brenda began looking for work. When she interviewed by Dispute Resolution Program’s director for three weeks. At that time, she was not aware of what mediation is and the role it plays in the legal field. Once hired and as part of her employment, Brenda underwent the free mediation training and has since supervised over 300+ mediations/facilitations. During her employment, in order to learn more about mediation and its role in law, Brenda attained her Masters in Law from University of Southern California in 2018. Since then, her focus has been focused in law and mediation practice. She is working on pursuing a Masters in Dispute Resolution to learn more about the art of mediation whilst also pursuing her Juris Doctor degree. Currently, Brenda is in charge of all Spanish mediations and/or facilitations, co-mediates English mediations, trains new volunteer mediators, and manages all volunteer mediator’s cases with the Dispute Resolution Program in the City of Los Angeles.   


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