Cheryl Epps

Cheryl is a Senior Mediator in the Community Policing Unit (CPU) with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, as well as a Mediator/Community Facilitator with the Institute of Non-Violence.  Prior to her current work, Cheryl was a Mediator and Project Facilitator for Community Visions Conversations, a Los Angeles, CA based Learning Dialog Series that she created and convened.  With the assistance and participation of selected facilitators/mediators in the US, Peru, and Australia, Cheryl developed a script used for discussing issues related to race. This forum allowed participants to share perspectives about how they are impacted by race within their social circles, the workplace, and their families.   Also, Cheryl has been a Child Welfare Specialist for the Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles, CA..  Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Criminal Justice and Sociology from San Diego State University, San Diego, CA..  She completed 40-hour DRPA Certified mediation training, completed the Advanced Mediation Training for the Community Police Unification (CPU) Program and completed a Certification in Interfaith Dialog in Bali, Indonesia, as well as completed a two-day Certification in Reflective Structured Dialog.

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