Community Programs

Our community programs are being used by cities and police departments around the country for better community engagement, creating new channels of communication, building public trust and co-producing public safety

7 Simple Steps for Positive Policing

A new approach to community policing and engagement.

7 Simple Steps for Positive Policing is an active conversation for communities across the country to co-produce public safety where the complexity of police culture, training, hiring and reward systems of police departments are understood by all involved. 



Regular facilitated sessions by professional facilitators

6-month Task Force

6-month long task force comprised of all stakeholders


All aspects of policing and civic engagement are considered


Members work together on ideas, problems and solutions

Walk With US

Coming together in a show of unity, compassion and understanding by simply walking side-by-side.

The Walk With Us Program is a live mass event where community members and police and sheriff’s departments take part in a live, pre-planned event to walk through their city or community together. It is a powerful statement designed to capture the public’s imagination about what peaceful communities look like.


Live Events

Pre-planned live walk

Mass Public Participation

Designed to accomodate a large number of participants

All Inclusive

All stakeholder groups are invited to participate

Showcase the Community

Walking in unity demonstrates solidarity and community-police engagement

Community Feedback Loop

Addresses the increasing need for open communications between departments and the communities they serve with a unique, specially branded website.

The Community Feedback Program is a unique, especially branded website designed to collect feedback that is channeled directly to the police chief or designates for a response.  Designed to gauge the effectiveness of the measures taken by the department over time on citizen interactions resulting in continuous improvement, Community Feedback Loop is a comprehensive and durable mechanism for a department to have an ongoing bi-directional interaction with their community, as well as a visible action a department can take that is both effective and represents a continuous commitment to better community engagement.


Unique Website

Unique, specially designed website

Open Communications

Addresses the need for open communications

Continous Improvement

Ongoing bi-directional interaction with the community

Branded Online Presence

Branded website created to collect feedback that is uniquely suited to the department

“We wanted our community to realize that we were more than just law enforcement—we were Peace Officers.”

Sheriff Leon Lott

Richland County South Carolina

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved:  do mediation in your community, organize an event with police and community, or start a community police relations group.  Send us a message or give us a call.  We will respond within 24 hours with the tools you need to get started.

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