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Don't just survive, thrive

  • Increase public trust

  • Enhance recruitment and retention

  • Improve officer safety and wellness

For police leaders, complexity is up.  Complacency is no longer an option. Get the confidence you need to weather adverse events that threaten community trust while filling your ranks with healthy, safe officers.


Sound familiar?

Policing is in a state of constant, unpredictable change that is now the norm. If you serve in public safety long enough, some crisis will happen. So how can you insure against the possible loss of public trust when your officers make a mistake, the optics are bad or an adverse event occurs? By transforming your organization before it happens.

Can't hire or keep the right people?

Filling your ranks is no longer about generating applications in the hopes they turn into hires. It's about attracting, hiring and keeping the right people. So how can you enhance recruitment, improve retention and boost morale within your organization? By reshaping it from within.

Online and Onsite Training

Peace Officer Training

For increased sensitivity and skills to better manage policing response, this training program delivers organization-wide change through the lens of police officers as “peace officers”.   Five curricula for varying law enforcement and community member audiences.


Online training platform

Nationally certified

Onsite inperson training

For police and community

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Organizational Change

Peace Officer Project

Peace Officer Project® redefines and reimagines policing on a national scale in a way that both police and communities at odds with police can embrace. It is an organizational mindset along with tools which changes the culture of policing so that it is focused on resolving problems.

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Community Engagement

Peace Officer Promise

Peace Officer Promise™  is a community engagement tool which helps an agency build public trust and confidence by making a public reaffirmation of its commitment to serve and protect.  Like the oath officers take about upholding the Constitution and protecting the people of your community, the Promise is a declaration by policing organizations to their communities.


Departments We Work With

From city police departments to county sheriff’s offices, we deliver 

community engagement, community trust and organizational change. 

Our Work

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Merrimack County

Case Studies

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