Lisa Broderick

Lisa Broderick is founder and Executive Director of Police2Peace, and a nationally recognized strategist and facilitator advancing policing that works for everyone—the cops, the police unions, the city and county officials and the community.   Lisa comes from a career in the high-tech industry, where for three decades she helped bring new approaches to society through innovation.  From her start at Apple Computer in its early years, she went on to head one of the first e-commerce companies on the Internet, and has served as CEO of numerous high technology companies where she found herself at the forefront of innovations that dramatically changed society.  Today, Lisa serves as Executive Director of Police2Peace, where she devotes her time to this national nonprofit which is redefining and reimagining policing on a national scale in a way that both police and communities at odds with police can embrace.  Through its Peace Officer Project, Police2Peace is offering agencies and communities around the nation tools, training, programs and collaborations that support a new, national police culture which is fundamentally and sustainably about keeping the peace.  Today, Police2Peace serves communities around the nation, including those torn by violence, to help them bridge racial, socio economic and gender divides around programs that uplift and heal them.  Lisa holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University and an MBA in Global Finance and Management from Duke University.   She has taught as a volunteer at the grade school and college levels, is a member of Rotary International, Mediators Beyond Borders International, the United Nations Association, The Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Women in Technology, and volunteers as board member for The Relationship Foundation for Trauma-Informed Curriculum and the Save an Animal Foundation.

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Police2Peace is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation formed to redefine, reimagine and advance policing on a national scale through the framework of police officers as “Peace Officers”. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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