Peace Initiatives

City-wide, county-wide and regional initiatives consisting of community listening sessions moderated by professional, trained moderators.  The sessions are small, safe, facilitated conversations where community members can express how they feel about public safety and how they want to be served by the police.  When all the sessions are complete, the statements, views and data are anonymized and compiled  into feedback on how community members would like public safety to be and how they would like to be served by the police.  Upon completion, a report is issued and shared with local civic and police leaders. 

Learn  how we can work with you to deliver our custom, hand-selected team of experts and begin your Peace Initiative today!

Peace Initiatives

Using “micro-community listening sessions” in as many of the individual neighborhoods and stakeholder groups in a community as possible, Peace Initiatives deliver an inclusive range of lived experience and expertise to inform public safety and policing approaches at the neighborhood and/or precinct level in a city or county.  By “micro-community” is meant small, granular, organized, grassroots virtual or in-person conversations of community members and stakeholder groups.  Once all of the listening sessions are complete, then recommendations for action are developed to introduce and implement innovations to address issues uncovered.   Learn  how we can work with you to send in our custom, hand selected team of experts to begin your community Peace Initiative.



Virtual or in-person facilitated sessions by professional facilitators

6-months Duration

6-months long or more for comprehensive coverage for a city or county

Serving Stakeholders

Pays particular attention to communities of color and other historically underrepresented groups

Peace is The Mission

Peace Initiatives begin and are conducted with the mission of showing how peace is possible in a community

“We wanted our community to realize that we were more than just law enforcement—we were Peace Officers.”

Sheriff Leon Lott

Richland County South Carolina

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