Peace Officer:  Realizing the True Purpose of Policing Training is a transformational program designed to bring about agency culture change for police and sheriffs using the framework of police officers as “peace officers” to advance rightful policing which is effective, empathetic and just. It represents a new policing model that works for everybody—the cops, their unions, elected and appointed officials, the community and police chiefs. As a result of these training courses, users will understand the framework of transforming “law enforcement officers” to “peace officers” to increase public trust and confidence in the police.  The curriculum also delivers how-to training on how to operationalize this new framework within an agency and community, as well as “train the trainer” so the trainings can continue after the live sessions have finished.  

With five curricula available for varying law enforcement and community member audiences,  these online and in-person trainings teach practical skills for greater leadership, enhanced communication and improved public engagement which agencies can employ to uplevel their organizations and their connection with their community members for policing that’s effective, empathetic and just.

for Command Staff, Patrol Officers, Line Supervisors, Mid-Management, Community, Elected/Appointed Officials and Train-the-Trainer

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Peace Officer Training Video

Watch this Peace Officer video to learn more about a new approach to policing that builds public trust and addresses challenges to organizational culture to solve policing problems.

Peace Officer Training
One Pager

This one pager provides a downloadable overview Peace Officer: Realizing the True Purpose of Policing suite of courses, why it's needed today and how to obtain training.

Peace Officer Training Sample Course

Sample one of the Peace Officer training courses to experience how law enforcement leaders, police professionals, elected officials and community members come together for increased public trust.






Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of training courses is designed to bring law enforcement leaders, police professionals, elected officials and community members together for increased public trust, enhanced recruitment/retention and improved officer safety and wellness.  When your executive staff, agency and/or community completes the training you get: 

  1. Individual certificates (IADLEST certified under the National Certification Program) and accepted for accreditation in many states
  2. Agency plaques for completion of the Peace Officer Agency Certification program
  3. Marketing materials to help you convey messaging, including briefing room posters, lapel pins, and more

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