Peace Officer Framework

By introducing the words  “PEACE OFFICER “ on public safety vehicles or uniforms, a new framework is available to the department that positively shapes both the community and the police. It’s a community policing initiative that doesn’t diminish any of the reform changes which a department may have underway or planned, nor does it diminish any of the work its officers are doing to control crime. Instead, it’s framework through which every policy and practice can be filtered, including recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, rewarding and retention. 

The external components are the PEACE OFFICER markings which are used to signal to the public that the department intends to change. The internal components are the tools which the department uses to convey the meaning of PEACE OFFICER and how officers’ jobs will or will not change as a result. For example, the way police work is done is unlikely to change; but the way officers interact with citizens is likely to be transformed in ways that realize the potential of community policing.

To address the need for external and internal signals that the police are part of community and the community are part of the police, click here to download your toolkit to guide you through the Peace Officer Framework for your city or department.

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