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why this course matters today

There is a crisis of trust and confidence in the police along with significant negative narratives.

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed a shift in public perception from seeing police as “good”, to viewing them as  “bad.”   The “defund the police” movement is now part of popular culture along with the poor image of policing in the media.  And all around the nation, there seems to be a lack of national agreement about what law enforcement is expected to do.  

Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing teaches you how to have a police department that works for everybody—the cops, the city and county officials, the police union and the community members.   It takes police leaders, deputies and officers through the reasons why trust and confidence has been lost, what you can do about it locally and teaches a new approach to law enforcement with policing that’s effective, empathetic and just. 

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Hours Of ONSITE Course Instruction for Police Leaders and PROFESSIONALS

Today, the profession of law enforcement faces many challenges.  While there are different perspectives on what’s needed in the future, we all share common interests.  We all want safety, livability, crime prevention and improved relationships.   Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing onsite training courses are designed to bring law enforcement leaders and police professionals to the table and lean in for the important conversation about the future of criminal justice in America.


Lesson modules

In an engaging live setting, Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing takes you through hours of live content, quizzes, and participatory questions to deliver a new framework of law enforcement.  For police leaders, 8 chapters guide you through a one-of-a-kind approach to policing as peacekeeping and personal leadership development.  For deputies and police officers, 5 hours of  instruction delivers policing as “peace officers” in a memorable training session. 

* Police Leaders Course Only

What to expect from these courses

Peace Officer:  Realizing the True Purpose of Policing conveys the mindset for police culture change through the lens of police officers as “peace officers” for leadership, enhanced communication and public engagement skill sets for law enforcement officers and leaders.  Navigating the changing public safety landscape is difficult with public perception shifting from seeing police as “good”, to viewing them as “bad” along with a lack of national agreement about what police are expected to do.  And at the heart of the issue is police culture.  The training addresses police culture change with a new policing model that works for everybody—the cops, their unions, elected and appointed officials, the community and police. In this training, participants will understand the framework of transforming “law enforcement officers” to “peace officers” to increase public trust and confidence in the police.  The training also delivers hands-on instruction in operationalizing this new framework within an agency and community.


meet one of YOUR Instructors

Chief Jerald Monahan (Ret.)

Jerald Photo 2
“In all my years, this is the positive policing approach we’ve been waiting for.”


WITH effective, empathetic and just policing

The course delivery includes interactive quizzes, participatory questions, role play and workbooks to effectively apply the knowledge you’ve learned through this training and certification.

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