why this course matters today

Multiple problems face police leaders and their communities today which can lead to breakdowns in community trust

In the last few years, there has been a shift in public perception from seeing police as “good”, to viewing them as  “bad.”   This has contributed to staffing crises, leaving agencies without skilled, trained, confident officers in their communities.  And all of this is occurring at the same time there is a lack of national agreement around what the police are supposed to do.

Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing addresses these challenges through changes in police organizational culture.  Offering five conversational, engaging, virtual and in-person courses for both law enforcement and community member audiences, this training program is a one-stop-shop for policing that works for everybody—the cops, the community and the elected and appointed officials.  It’s policing that’s  effective, empathetic and just.

Law Enforcement Training Programs

Hours Of online and in-person Course Instruction

Peace Officer:  Realizing the True Purpose of Policing™ addresses challenges to organizational culture to solve policing problems.  In the business world, organizational change is how systemic industry problems have been overcome for decades.  This is the first training which offers corporate sector organizational change training models and theories for police leaders—so you don’t have to bring in a  consultant.  And multiple funding sources are available. 


Lesson modules

Delivering interactive, conversational and engaging online and in-person settings, Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of courses takes you through 5 or more chapters of content, quizzes, and interactive screens to deliver a new framework of law enforcement.  And for police leaders, special chapters guide you through a one-of-a-kind approach to policing as peacekeeping and personal leadership development.

What to expect from these courses

Peace Officer:  Realizing The True Purpose of Policing suite of training courses is designed to bring law enforcement leaders, police professionals, elected officials and community members together for increased public trust, enhanced recruitment/retention and improved officer safety and wellness.  When your executive staff, agency and/or community completes the training you get: 

  1.  Individual certificates (IADLEST certified under the National Certification Program and accepted for accreditation in many states
  2. Agency plaques for completion of the Peace Officer Agency Certification program.
  3. Marketing materials to help you convey messaging, including briefing room posters, lapel pins, and more

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Lessons, Instruction, scenarios & Practical Assignments

All Included In a suite of Online and in-person Training Courses

If you’re ready to take your organization and community to the next level, join us for this interactive, practical, virtual and in-person training experience.  See the difference it can make for you, your workforce, your local government and your community.

Admin Dashboards

In our comprehensive dashboard, agencies can have full access to what, when, and how each user or group of users completes course material to ensure that your organization is reaping the full benefits of Peace Officer.


Peace Officer provides customized team approaches to our interactive courseware depending on the specific needs of your organization for certification.

Accountability Reports

See how each member of your organization is progressing. View their assessments, completion of training, calendars and other key metrics with customizable report management.


Instead of learning from a PowerPoint, Peace Officer takes learning to another level with role-playing, interactive video, where an onscreen police leader guide posing questions.


Companion workbooks are available for all courses. The workbooks provide an additional resource so you can make notes and follow along with the course information.

Role Customization

Define who has management access to what course material, reports, information, and administrative capabilities depending on their role in your organization.

Highlighted Features


The course is nationally certified by IADLEST and has earned the National Certification Program Seal of Excellence. Once complete, users will be able to download this and other certifications and print certificates.

Custom Virtual Communities

Allow staff members to engage in open discussions to spur critical thinking, apply novel concepts, and further solidify course material using custom virtual online communities.

Q&A with Police Leaders

We periodically submit questions exclusively from our agencies for other police management and industry thought leaders to answer. Everything from protocols to life on patrol.

what police leaders are saying

“Here at ASUPD, we are all about Police2Peace.”

“As a fairly new Chief to this Department I would like to restore our image and be more involved with our community. I believe this program will certainly move us in that direction.”

“Thank you for everything your team has done to assist us here in Pasquotank County. Your impact in helping the community move forward through community meetings and guidance on how this office operates including the formation of the CAC has been very beneficial to us all.”

“I would describe this training as a very clear, concise introduction to the power and process to create a guardian vs warrior culture in the department.”

“Honest and eye opening.”    “Useful”   “Excellent”


meet one of our Instructors

Chief Jerald Monahan (Ret.)

Jerald Photo 2
“In all my years, this is the positive policing approach we’ve been waiting for.”


WITH effective, empathetic and just policing

The course delivers over 50 interactive questions, 20 quizzes and 5 downloadable form-fillable workbooks to interactively apply the knowledge you’ve learned through this online and in-person training and certification.

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