Research Programs

Our research programs include department self-reviews, custom research and published research papers in support of an evidenced-based approach to public policy and policing. 

Department Self Reviews

Department Self Reviews are analyses which any department may undertake to determine how citizens view the department and its officers, how the officers view the citizens, and how the officers view themselves and their department.  For these reviews, approaches such as the use of surveys may be used to gauge personal sentiment.  The surveys attempt to assess the sentiment of stakeholders such as officers, community members, business owners and students.  Departments work directly with research professionals to design their self-reviews.

For sample Self Review survey questions, click here:  SURVEYS


Department Analysis

Analysis for the purpose of evaluating community and department sentiment.

Gauges Community/ Officer Perceptions

Anonymity is conducive to citizens' and officers' candid responses.

Quick and Low Resource

Conducted entirely online and with few department resources needed.

Research Professionals

Department personnel work directly with trained researches to select questions and design surveys.

Custom Research Programs

Departments participating in any program may wish to initiate a custom research study conducted by the New York University public policy institute BetaGov. In these studies, departments and community members work directly with research professionals to design their custom research study. For these studies. tools such as the use of surveys may be conducted of personnel, citizens, and volunteers.   Then an intervention is introduced such as the application of PEACE OFFICER decals or uniform changes. Then a final survey is conducted to gauge changes in how officers are aware of themselves, how the public sees them, and how they engage with one another.


Custom Research

Designed to assess any innovation or change before, during and afterwards.

Designed with Researchers

Department personal work directly with trained researchers to develop questions.

Candid Snapshot

Anonymity is conducive to citizens and officer candid responses.

Quick and Low Resource

Conducted entirely online and with few departments resources needed.

Research Papers

Research papers address issues of strategic importance to municipal policing.



National Police Foundation

5 Things You Need to Know About Private Militia Groups.

Gallup Report July 2020

Most Americans Say Policing Needs "Major Changes".

Pew Research July 9, 2020

Majority of Public Favors Giving Civillians the Power to Sue Police Officers for Misconduct.

Pew Research January 11, 2017

Behind the badge: How police view their jobs, key issues, and recent fatal encounters between blacks and police.

“Returning to our roots as Peace Officers is how we operationalize the kind of changes we are seeing our communities express desire for today.”

Chief Jim Bueermann (ret.)

Redlands California

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved:  do mediation in your community, organize an event with police and community, or start a community police relations group.  Send us a message or give us a call.  We will respond within 24 hours with the tools you need to get started.

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