Identifying the Threat Within

Thank you again for attending the Identifying the Threat Within webinar series on June. 9th, 16th and 23rd.   Please take a moment and give us your feedback on the session:  SURVEY

From the June 23rd Session:

  1. PowerPoint Used in Session:  CLICK HERE
  2. Mental Health Response Gun Violence Triangle:  CLICK HERE
  3. Foreshadowing Targeted Violence:  Assessing Leakage of Intent by Public Mass Murderers: CLICK HERE
  4. The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective FBI: CLICK HERE
  5. The Concept of Leakage in Threat Assessment:  CLICK HERE
  6. Pre-Attack Behaviors of Active Shooters in the United States  FBI: CLICK HERE

From the June 16th Session:

  1. Download the PowerPointCLICK HERE
  2. Video of Session:  CLICK HERE
  3. DHS Bulletin on Terrorism  June 7 CLICK HERE 
  4. Rockefeller Institute, Policy Solutions for Public Mass Shootings CLICK HERE
  5. Report   Protecting Americas Schools US Secret Service CLICK HERE
  6. Report  Averting Targeted School Violence  US Secret Service CLICK HERE
  7. Report  Policy Solutions to Address Mass Shootings  Rockefeller Institute CLICK HERE

From the June 9th Session:

  1. Download the PowerPoint:  CLICK HERE
  2. Video of Session:  CLICK HERE
  3. Checklist of Red FlagsCLICK HERE
  4. Symbols of RadicalizationCLICK HERE
  5. Making Prevention a Reality:  CLICK HERE
  6. White Supremacists Speak, by Anne Speckhard, Molly Ellenberg and TM Garret:  CLICK HERE
  7. Mass Attacks Defense Toolkit:  CLICK HERE
  8. The Lethal Cocktail of Terrorism, by Anne Speckhard:  CLICK HERE

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